MUSCF 64 Courtenay Drive Parking Garage

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Prebid Date9/19/17 10:00 am

Bid Date10/31/17 11:30 am

Company & Contacts

Liollio Architecture

Michael Edwards   843.762.2222


64 Courtenay Drive, Charleston, SC

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The Project consists of a a nine level, cast concrete structure with deep pile foundations that will
provide parking for approximately 1,380 vehicles. The three bay garage will include a two-way drive ramp located in the center bay. The
first level has limited ADA parking and primarily includes stacking distance for cars entering and exiting the garage. A 20’ floor-to-floor
high 30,264 GSF first level provides a welcoming pedestrian way; this level also includes an approximately 10,000 SF conditioned office
space with an approximately 1,800 SF internal mezzanine for MUSC’s Public Safety Office. The second through eighth levels each have
an area of approximately 54,400 GSF, 10’-8” floor-to-floor heights, and approximately 175 parking spaces each. The ninth level has
approximately 45,000 GSF of area and approximately 160 parking spaces. The top of the parapet on the open ninth level is approximately
98’-8” above finished grade with a first level finish floor of 6.25’ AMS.