Public Jobs

Bids due in 19 days
10/14/21 2:00pm
UHE Air Handler 3 Replacement
165 Ashley Avenue, Charleston SC 29425
Replace supply fan, preheat coil and cooling coil and demolish humidifier of existing AHU-3 to bring it back to design conditions. Demolish and replace pneumatic controls with digital controls and other Work indicated in the Contract Documents
Bids due in 12 days
10/7/21 10:00am
TTC B500 Restroom Renovations
Liollio Architecture
7000 Rivers Avenue, N. Charleston SC 29406-4607
Interior restroom renovation at Building 500 and associated plumbing, mechanical, and electrical work.
Bids due in 19 days
10/14/21 2:00pm
CP1812 – Stoney Field Improvements Phase 3
City of Charleston Department of Parks
300 Fishbourne St., Charleston, SC 29403
Work includes the demolition of existing trees and shrubs on-site as well as the concrete pavement and curb/gutter at the front entrance. New construction consists of grading and drainage for the new gravel parking lot with curbed landscape islands and sidewalks, pedestrian lighting, signage, grassed swale and detention pond with drainage to support. Work also includes a plaza area with concrete slab finish and brick bands, brick columns and wall with iron fencing, and fine grading, landscaping, and irrigation.
Bids due in 11 days
10/6/21 2:30pm
Old Children’s Hospital Select Roof Replacements/Repairs
169 Ashley Avenue, Charleston, SC 29425
Base Bid includes removal and replacement with a two-ply modified bitumen roof system for Roof Areas, A, B, D and F (245 squares) and maintenance/repairs to remaining roof areas and a liquid applied elastomeric coating on designated low slope and metal roof areas. Repair/coat areas include C, E, G, H, I, P and Q (145 squares), repair and maintenance areas include L, M, N, O, J and K (90 squares). ALT 1 includes roof replacement in lieu of repair/coating for Roof Areas C, E, I, P and Q (110 squares). ALT 2 includes roof replacement in lieu of repair/coating for Roof Areas G and H (20 squares). ALT 3 includes removal and replacement of closed joint brick masonry and below grade waterproofing with a new paver pedestal system and hot rubberized waterproofing system for Roof Areas J and K (3 squares).
Bids due in 10 days
10/5/21 2:00pm
MUSC Health Pharmacy Relocation to CSC AE Services
7771 Palmetto Commerce Parkway, North Charleston, SC
MUHA is requesting qualifications for professional architectural and engineering services related to the construction of approximately 35,000 Sf of Specialty and Distribution Pharmacy services within the existing Consolidated Services Center
Bids due in 3 days
9/28/21 1:00pm
MUSC Health Florence: X-Ray Room #3 Equipment Replacement
805 Pamplico Highway, Florence, SC 29505
Project involves modifications to an existing X-ray room in order to accommodate the installation of a new imaging system.
Bids due in 11 days
10/6/21 2:00pm
HCC 4th Floor Roof Repairs
86 Jonathan Lucas Street, Charleston SC
Base Bid work includes the total removal of the existing roof systems for Roof Area B, approximately 201 squares, and Roof Area P, approximately 13 squares, down to the structural deck. See project manual for full description.
Bids due in 11 days
10/6/21 1:30pm
REBID Quad F Roof Replacement
280 Calhoun Street, Charleston SC
Base Bid work includes select roof replacements (Areas F1, F2 and F5) and roof and wall repairs/modifications (Areas F, F3 and F4).
Bidding Closed
9/23/21 2:00pm
UH 8 East Critical Care Renovation
169 Ashley Ave, Charleston, SC 29425
This project includes limited renovations to 26 existing patient rooms on the eighth floor of University Hospital. Work includes installation of new headwalls, modification/replacement of existing patient room doors and limited related mechanical, electrical, and medical gas modifications.
Bids due in 5 days
9/30/21 10:00am
SCDC Headquarters Elevator Modernization
RMF Engineering
4444 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC
Replace the elevator controller and associated electrical work to interface with building power and fire alarm systems. Provide HVAC equipment for elevator machine room.